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Chess helps kids learn and practice thinking through and finding solutions to complex problems

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MK Chess Academy will help you get better at chess. We have several learning tools that will teach you about the opening, strategies, tactics, and endgame. Put in a little time and you will watch your rating climb higher!

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We will teach openings according to the kid’s style of play.

We make kids to solve puzzles to improve the thinking skills

We make kids to do tactical puzzles and middle combinations to make them strong in middle game

We provide materials and puzzles books for the kids on endgame positions to improve their endgame skills

About Us

The Institute of Development & Creative Thinking!

MK Chess Academy is a very cool site that helps to find the best chess coaches and to reach their goals. Our team of experienced professional coaches helps kids in training and guiding them for State, National and International tournaments and helps to reach their goals. We enjoy working with children of all ages, our concepts and teaching methods are unique and fun-loving kids are bound to enjoy it!

MK Chess Academy, The Institute of Development & creative thinking has been founded by Two brothers Karthik Gopal G An international rated player (ELO 1774), and Mouli G (ELO 1979) These two young brothers were inspired by their very own coaches and mentors GV Kumar(ELO 2173) AP state association secretary & Very well-known renowned chess coach Prasad(ELO). These two brothers have started this venture for sharing their experiences with aspiring young minds and shaping them as world-class chess players. 

Meet Our Coaches

We have two brothers who are young and dynamic in teaching and have a good experience 1. Karthik Gopal - Chief coach 2. Hema Chandra Mouli G - Chess coach

Karthik Gopal G

He is a very passionate chess player who has won state and national chess championships. He has been a coach and a mentor for the last 10+ years, this vast experience at a very young age has helped him understand child psychology, the ability to generate interest, and develop new ways and methods of teaching & analyzing, and building a stronger foundation. With this approach, our students have performed at Asian, National, and State Levels and many have achieved international ratings.

1. Have international rating of 1774.
2. Won 1st Supermind All India FIDE Rated Chess Tournament in Delhi, September 2013.
3. Won 2nd Goa International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament(Category-B) in Delhi, June 2019

1. My student got youngest WCM (World Candidate Master) title.
2. My students won many district level and state level championships
3. My students have also achieved their international ratings.

Chess Coach

Hema chandra mouli G

Hema chandra mouli is a great chess player who has won state and national chess championships. He is great at training very young new learners of chess, by understanding the kid's psychology and body language. He started teaching chess in the last 4 years and trained kids for the state, National tournaments and helped in achieve international ratings.

  1. Have international rating of 1979.
  2. Got 10th prize in open National Blitz tournament 2015 in Rourkela, Orissa, India and won with 2 Grand Masters(GM’s) and 2 International Masters(IM’s) in the tournament.
  3. Got 2nd prize in Below 1900 Open National Tournament in 2013 in Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Won many state level tournaments in Andhra Pradesh
  • Many of my students won district level tournaments and participated in state and national level competitions.

Coach Karthik Gopal wins Goa 2019 B-Category and Takes Home Rs.2,00,000

Coaches are supposed to train kids, not win tournaments! Well, this is not true anymore. Coaches work hard with their students putting in a lot of effort and the result is that even their game keeps getting better. This is absolutely true for coach Karthik Gopal who scored 9.0/10 at the 2nd Goa GM International 2019 and won the first place. Karthik took home the winner’s cheque of Rs.2,00,000. We speak to Karthik after the tournament and ask him about his event and also the most critical round 10 game where it was a must win scenario for him as his opponent was also on 8 points and had a better tiebreak.









What Our Students Have to Say

I tried searching for many chess coaches after that one of my friends suggested this academy. Coaches have good knowledge and my son got an International chess Rating after training for one year and he is loving chess classes.
Rajahmundry, India
The coach is very good at engaging my 2 kids and I am very happy with the way they are teaching. My son and daughter got their National Ratings and Got 1st Prize in Bay Area Chess Tournament.
From USA

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Chess is much more than just a game. It’s a combination of art, science and sporting features. So when a person indulges in playing chess, he becomes something more than what he is right now!

There is other important psychological benefit , as quoted by one chess master – “Like music and art, chess has power to make me happy”.

  • Chess Improves concentration,builds personality. Results show that kids who play chess, do well in academics too.
  • Chess is for all ages.
  • Chess adds its own special flavour in todays fast flowing life